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Hi, I'm Meagan Blessing.

I'm a professional artist, author, speaker, and creative business mentor.

Over the last 20+ years, I've built a successful career in the arts with my husband.    

I equip Creatives to build their businesses with the awareness that the creative process is internal and external; one cannot draw water from an empty well.  

It's been a privilege to mentor dozens of artists and artisans over the years, equipping them to embrace their unique creative genius, clarify their purpose, establish businesses, and implement creativity to benefit the world.    

If you are reading this, you have a story to tell. You carry the creativity that's been placed in your heart for a reason, and you know there's a greater purpose for the work you feel called to do.  

Resources for purpose + process:


Courses designed to help you ignite your process, build your business and facilitate exploration.


Creative Catalyst Session: live mentoring to guide you on your way. 
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Resources to inspire you to create, spark your curiosity, and encourage you on your journey.


Connect with creatives just like you. These are YOUR people + they get what it takes to be a maker.

We are Creatives

We are innovators and problem solvers 

We travel with creativity, not towards it

       We are adventure seekers, mystery makers, and joy finders 

We live to experience wonder

Kind Words from some of my favorite Creatives

 "Meagan Blessing is a launcher of people.  Since meeting with her, I have found my capacity and ability has grown in multifaceted ways.  

She is equally kind as she is wise and someone I can trust to tell me the truth when things are in process.

She's a great coach with a lot of personal experience to draw from.  

Choosing to let Meagan into your process will no doubt open doors and opportunities you may not have considered before." 

Kalli Hendrickson
Writer - M.K.Hart Cooperative

 "Meagan has been an incredible resource over the years as I started my career as an artist. She is the person I call when I get stuck or feel like giving up.

 She's helped develop in me the courage to dream, wings to fly, the self confidence to navigate, and the faith to always keep moving forward.

Her experience as a professional artist, business owner, and mentor has made her a wealth of knowledge. She is a big picture thinker who can break tasks into manageable steps to keep you moving forward.

Her diverse background, paired with her creativity and personal approach, allows her to give intuitive advice that is insightful and relevant. She cultivates skills and positive mindsets that are essential for growth as an individual or business.

 She is not afraid to step into the muddy process and help you overcome anything that holds you back. I have Meagan to thank for where I am today.." 

Amanda Markel
Sculptor - A.G.Markel Fine Art

 "Meagan's skill at mentoring artists with business development is outstanding!

   She is a problem-solver and always a great source of information to those who are needing help with the development of their art business and marketing.

Terry Cooke Hall
Painter - Sanguine Fine Art